The Cyberbrunch Reading List is an expanding list of recommended books, articles and other sources, including publications by Cyberbrunch participants. The list includes links to online resources.


Cybersecurity in Israel

Itzik Ben Israel and Lior Tabansky, Cybersecurity in Israel, Springer, 2016.

Daniel Ben-Oliel, Towards a Cybersecurity Policy Model: Israel National Cyber Bureau Case Study, North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 16, Issue 3, March 2015

Gil Baram, Israeli Defense in the Age of Cyberwar, Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2017

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D. Housen-Couriel, “National Cyber Security Organization in Israel”, CCDCOE, 2017

Admit Ivgi, Cybersecurity Cooperation, Israel Defense, 21.2017

Ram Levi, The Risky Business of Cyber Insurance, Israel Defense, 27 February 2017

Ron Shachar, What Should Be the Role and Responsibility of the Government in Defending Private and Commercial Digital Intellectual Property?, INSS Military and Strategic Affairs, Volume 7, No. 3, December 2015

Lior Tabansky, Cyber Security Challenges: The Israeli Water Sector Example, Chapter 10 in: Clark and Hakim (Editors), Cyber-physical Security: Protecting Critical Infrastructure at the State and Local Level, 2016.

Eli Zilberman-Caspi, From Awareness to Preparedness, Cyber Defense, Israel Defense, 7 December 2016


Cybersecurity ROW

Martha Finnemore and Duncan Hollis, “Constructing Norms for Global Cybersecurity”, 110 American Journal of International Law, 2017 (forthcoming)

Vladamir Radunovic, “Towards a Secure Cyberspace via Regional Cooperation: Overview of the Main Diplomatic Instruments”, DiploFoundation, 2017

United Nations Group of Governmental Experts

World Bank, Digital Dividends 2016